Daniel Rocha - "All Right With Me"

Daniel Rocha - "All Right With Me" live from Troubadour, TX's listening room in Dallas, Texas

Ryan Edgar - "Love More"

Ryan Edgar - "Love More" live from Troubadour, TX's listening room in Dallas, Texas

Mike Farris - "Jonah & The Whale"

Mike Farris with Paul Brown, recorded at the Troubadour TX Listening Room in Nashville, TN on September 10, 2014 with Sun Radio's Jessie Scott and Kevin Connor from SXSW-FM.

Polaroid Cube – The Most Adorable Little Camera EVAH

After looking at the Polaroid Cube I expected it to be a fun little toy camera meant to capture life’s moments on the fly in a fun, playful package aimed at teenagers.

Brinno TLC 200 Pro VS GoPro Hero 3+ Black

We recently received a Brinno TLC 200 Pro in for review. I am still a little hurt by this as I spotted this dedicated time-lapse camera a couple weeks before we received the review unit and purchased it to use at a 3-day music festival – which I did, thank you very much. More on that a bit later.

The Bublcam: 360 Photos and Video For the Masses

With the launch of Google Street View, the folks at Bublcam saw the possibilities with capturing spherical imagery. They set out to make the technology affordable, portable and available for market consumption. Their goal was to provide a portable camera (slightly larger than a baseball) at a reasonable retail price point.

Echosmith - "Nothing's Wrong"

Echosmith performs "Nothing's Wrong" in the Troubadour, TX Listening Room.

You go on ahead, but I’m gonna take the back roads...

Here's a little known secret. I have to drive to Austin from Dallas at least a few times a month for shoots and events. I long ago stopped taking I-35 either direction. It's a soul-sucking drive of nothing but construction and chain restaurants.

Canon Releases Guidebook for 7D Mark II/Image Samples

Canon Rumors has posted a link to Fotoblogia’s Canon EOS 7D Mark II sample images on their Flickr account. Canon Rumors likes the images at ISO 3200 – While the quality is impressive there’s still quite a bit of noise in the images. 

Andrew Ripp - "Cool Ya"

Andrew Ripp performs "Cool Ya" at the Troubadour, TX Listening Room in Dallas, Texas.

— Shrdlu
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