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Hi! I'm giovanni. My experience stretches across the full marketing stack, both online and offline. By guiding marketing strategy across all channels such as SEO and content strategy, Facebook, Google, or other paid marketing opportunities, voice search, email marketing, social media, and influencer marketing to name a few, you will walk away with a fully-baked, integrated plan. I can throw in some web development and help you design your website from scratch, or update your existing technologies to ensure a premium experience for your customers.


Offline, I work with companies to identify additional opportunities for business-to-business (B2B), or business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing that may include trade show support, guerrilla marketing, online community development, or event promotion and branding opportunities. Let's chat about your marketing or go-to-market strategies. I'm eager and willing to offer insights and suggestions about how you can improve your sales and branding online.


What can you learn from 30 minutes with a Digital Strategist? More than you can imagine.



It is important for us to have trusted resources who can provide expert-driven social media strategy and implementation. Giovanni Gallucci is that trusted resource for us. - (5 out of 5)