Unboxing The Fujifilm XF-50mm-140mm Lens

Are you ready Grammy? Okay. Hey look guys, what I got in the mail today, a Fujinon X50-140 millimeter lens. This actually makes me a real photographer.

I just literally yesterday posted a video of me shooting FC Dallas. And I'm gonna be honest, that's kind of a challenge 'cause the furthest reach I had at that shoot was 36 millimeters. Look at this beautiful, gorgeous thing that Fuji has come up with. John you're making me nervous. You're so tall today.

What the hell is this? Oh, this is a bag case I guess to wrap it in, which will never get used. That will end up in my daughter's room. And who knows, she'll stick make up in it or something. Manuals never get used. I'm terrible about that.

What do we have in here? Here's the [01:04] ____. We have the lens right there. And we have a lens here, and it's very exciting. Oh, that feels good. It smells good. Oh that smells delicious. Look at that. I don't think there's anything else in here. There's not. A couple of things. Number one, if you are north Texas-ish, I didn't think that Fuji had any dealers here in North Texas. Well, they do. Competitive cameras down in downtown Dallas, carries everything Fuji, all the lenses, all the cameras, which is all news to me 'cause I've been getting my stuff online. I'm super, super stoked about this 'cause I'm shooting a fashion show tomorrow night. And I'll be using this for the first time at a fashion show. God knows what... I mean, I scream fashion, don't I? So we'll do that tomorrow, I'll put some images either in the bottom of the description after tomorrow night for this unboxing, or I will post a different post with the images. Look at that, it's beautiful.

Okay, I've gotta go to work now, I've gotta pay for this.