Three Things Interview at Innotech



What are three things that you think that everyone should know, that they can bring back to their office or cubicle today to make them smarter web users? 


From the event or in general? 


From the event or in general.


First one is the one I mentioned was Ping Fm that is been such a life saver for me. And for those watching the video ping if you go to the service that allows you to go and take all of your social networks, tie them together so that if anybody mentions anything to you on one network, you get a message on your phone. For those of us who are addicted to this stuff and have several social networks, it allows you to effectively in kind of in the moment, see actually what's happening in the entire ecosphere that you've created online and not have to go and be tethered to a desktop or a laptop, log in to 15 different networks. It's all in one place, pretty much communicating through text messaging. Absolutely one of the best tools ever created for me.




Two. Let me think about two. If you're a photographer, a company called Eye-Fi so on the web it's, and what they've got is they've got a... This is actually hardware, but it's big tie in to social media. You buy a secure digital card, the kinda cards that go into your camera, you take pictures on, but these cards have wireless networking built in. So you go buy the Eye-Fi card, you plug it into your laptop and you tell it, "Say hey, we're at InnoTech here in Oklahoma City." So I can preset the tiles of the pictures I take, the descriptions and the tags on those pictures that at the event, the second I take a picture it goes straight to my Flickr account or Photobucket or SmugMug already optimized, already with my titles and everything in there. Just the fact that you could do that, not have to sit down and wait for you computer to upload stuff from your camera to the computer, to the web, huge time saver. But then it also allows you to instead of having to go through and sort through all your pictures, you can go to your Flickr account or your Photobucket account and just delete the pictures that are bad and so huge time saver, but also what we find in, especially events like this, most of the people that come to these events, especially speakers, have huge egos.


So if you take pictures of them speaking it goes directly to the web. Usually what we'll do is the second we finish talking, we run to our computer to see if anybody said anything about us, you can shoot to the top and get noticed by the people that are kind of the people that are the movers, the shakers inside of marketing online. Think about a third one. This is kind of weird and I mentioned this in there, but when it comes to social media, one of the top three things that I've learned in my career is to show up and meet people face-to-face. Show up, shake hands. It's amazing how much extra oomph you can get out of a campaign when you go out and make the effort to talk to people, because there's always so much you can do on Facebook or on Twitter. There's so many points of conversation you miss out on. You miss out on a non-verbal communication, you miss out on people, you know just me sitting here kinda moving my hands and things like that. You're able to discern a lot more about me as a person by standing in front of me and talking to me than you can on any social networking site and that also allows people to make more accurate judgements about you. Now, you know that I'm not the 16 year old girl that I was posing as, I'm actually an overweight 40 year old white guy from Dallas.


So that kinda helps a lot. It kinda helps you kinda grow trust with people that people are who they say they are. And more times than not when I come to events like this and meet people, people are amazingly helpful and once you sit down and talk to them a little bit, they're much more likely to go out and tell their friends about you and kinda help you in your campaign. So kinda weird how the top three social media things and I kinda find this when I'm presenting to people, is that a lot of the things where you find the most success kinda happen offline or they happen with other tools not just Facebook and Twitter and stuff like that.