One Heck Of A Ride (Texas Music Documentary, Episode 6)

Every artist is different. Their measures of success, their methods for achieving it, they all have their process of how they're trying to make it to cross over from the masses and into notoriety.


They've got an open mic and it's two songs per songwriter. JJ's in Denton, Texas has an R&B one some night of the week, and I wouldn't be surprised if there's more. There's a lot of singer songwriters around here, especially with the music school.


From open mic nights in coffee houses to college campuses, to street corners, music is luring out its next hopefuls and every one of them will take their own unique journey. Some will make it, some won't, some will never quit no matter where the journey takes them.


There's some of those guys that would just do this no matter what. There are guys who have cost themselves any kind of job, usually a wife.


I understand it from your partner's side as to where the money situation is. I haven't been so lucky on that.


But whether they make it or not, one thing is certain. They're in for one heck of a ride.

Wrapping up this first series of videos, (from Welcome To The Premiere until this one), we come full circle on the topic of defining success in today's music industry. In a nutshell - each artist defines it differently.  


This is part of a documentary series that I worked on as a photographer, videographer and social media strategist. On the show we went behind the scenes & follow Texas-based singer-songwriters living the Troubadour life.


While I was part of the production team for the entire run of the show, I was just one of a half dozen or so videographers who contributed. A note to my fellow internet content creators: one particularly interesting element of this documentary is the gear I used as one of the videographers on the show. For all the content I currently shoot, I use a variety of enthusiast level cameras from GoPros to Canon Point & Shoots to Fujifilm mirrorless cameras. You can see all the current gear I use here.


The primary cameras I used on this shoot were Canon 7D DSLRs. Look at this episode and leave a comment about what you think about the overall production quality of this piece with the 7D and GoPros mixed into shots from the other videographers using professional cinema cameras.