Consumer Drones and the Yuneec Q500 4K

Kicking off Geek Beat's CEDIA coverage by interviewing Eric from Stampede about some popular consumer drones.


Hey, guys. This is Giovanni. We are at CEDIA in Dallas, Texas. And guess what? We're at a tech conference so it wouldn't be an episode from a tech conference if we weren't talking about drones. This is GeekBeat.



Okay, folks so I'm here with Eric who is the UAV Product Manager at Stampede and you guys are a wholesaler, correct? 


Wholesale distributor.


Wholesale distributor. And I wanna talk a little bit about you about anything that's not DJI Phantom or DJI Inspire. We get plenty of news about DJI, we know all about the products. Anybody who even pays attention to tech, not even drones, knows about what DJI does. I'm always interested in what is in the secondary market and what other tools are available to folks, either same price point, different price point, but what other brands are available to people with drones? How do they compare to DJI performance wise and price point wise? So we're talking about consumer level, so maybe $1500 and below.


Sure, sure. Absolutely, thank you. I think one of the rising stars in the market right now is a Yuneec. They are really coming on board. They're coming on strong. They've grown tremendously since CES this year. They were in the background with Blade for a long time. They were the OEM for Blade so they were...




Yeah, they were there and...


Okay. That's why I recognize the body style.


Absolutely. They've been doing this for a while, this isn't a new thing for them, but they're coming out strong. They've gotten a $60 million infusion from Intel this year, and they've also worked a deal with Qualcomm. And next year, they're gonna be the first drones to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor in them.


What does that give the drone as opposed to one who would have a different type of processor in them? 


Just the ability to do processing and the capabilities now to expand what is gonna be done by the drone.




So, processing of the video, processing of the feed, stability. All of those elements in the brain of the drone that can give you enhanced capabilities.


And this is Yuneec here. Do they make more than one model or is this...


They do. This is a Yuneec Typhoon Q500 and this is a 4K camera. It's a relative price point. Same to the DJI Phantom 3. It's about $1250, $1299 for this. It's got a very nice display on it and it works really well. I found that it's comparable, very comparable in flying to the DJI. The control mechanisms are very nice. I actually enjoy it a little more than a DJI for its smoothness in its flying. It's not as jerky.


Is this a separate price point from the [02:44] ____...


No, no.


Really? Wow! 


This is all included. One of the neat things about this is that they have, and I don't have the handheld gimbal, but it comes with the system is a handheld gimbal and you're able to remove the 4K camera and put it on a handheld gimbal and walk around with it.


I noticed that, and I'm trying not to talk about DJI but I noticed that on the Inspire at CES, it had the same functionality. They hadn't announced that gimbal before.


Right, right.


But I saw someone walking around with it and they slipped it up inside the Inspire and I realized what they had done there with the design 'cause that's...


They'd just released that, so yeah. But again, in competition now, this has been out with Yuneec in the 4K and the gimbal is... Now you don't have to buy a video camera. You could use the camera that's on your drone to walk around. And again, for a home inspection, for any kind of personal use, you're not just limited to flying the drone around in the house. You can then take for real estate or something, you could take the camera off, put it on your gimbal and now you're carrying it.


From a layman's perspective, if we look at the camera itself, if we were to compare that to the 800-pound grill and action cams GoPro, is this the quality of a GoPro 3 or 2 or 4? 


GoPro 4.


Is it really? Okay. Wow.


Yeah, 4K, 4K camera.


Okay. Well, I know it's 4K, sometimes we need to make sure that even though something's 4K, it may not mean better quality.


Right. Sure, sure, yeah.


It's interesting that it be compared to a GoPro 4. So that's interesting. So that's right around $1300, you said? 


Yeah, right around $1300. So for the same price point as a...


Wow! That is a ridiculously good price for it.


Yeah, especially for the handheld gimbal.


For the gimbal and for the controller with the screen on it.




That's interesting. If you're looking at somebody who would be looking at a DJI Pro, so it sounds like your first pick would be the Yuneec. Is there anyone else out there that you think is bringing it the way Yuneec is? 


So 3DR is out there.




The Solo. There's been challenges associated with that. We'll see how that goes. They're starting to come around, but I think that the push is on the Yuneec side. Given the infusions that they've gotten, Intel doesn't throw $60 million around lightly. I think that's gonna be a factor, but we'll see how 3DR responds.


I like the 3DR stuff and it's interesting because they have... When we saw 'em at CES, they had a great presence at CES [05:17] ____. And I wonder what the issue is with them being able to compete effectively against DJI. Do you think that DJI just got there first maybe? Because I don't see anything wrong with the 3DR product.


No, it's the Pixhawk. I think it comes back to the controller. DJI with the A2, I mean their flight control system is... They're the market leader because of that. And I think 3DR has the ability if they focus on what they're good at which is the flight control system. So the Pixhawk, Pixhawk 2...


Yeah, cool. Well, hopefully, they'll get that together.


And I think that's really where they can excel is in that, they can take it to DJI with that flight control system.


Awesome. Awesome. This is Giovanni, we are at CEDIA. We're gonna have another video with Eric here in a second talking about more professional systems. And then we're gonna talk to somebody from Stampede about some of the issues with the FAA certification, things like that. So thanks for joining us. This has been GeekBeat.