Change The World (Texas Music Documentary, Episode 14)

The Texas music landscape has produced some of the most inspiring singers and songwriters ever. Legends we've all heard of. Now there's a new breed of talent out there on the same journey. Working the same roads, clicking off the same miles in a car, a van, if they're lucky, a plane. Musical poets living the troubadour life. The good gigs, the bad gigs, the all-night diners. Taking their music to any audience who's willing to listen. 

We want to take you on a journey - a journey into the lives of some of those singers and songwriters working today where the drive to perform never ends. Where passions live and die and rise again. 

And you can answer for yourself: What does it take to be a real troubadour? 

This is part of a documentary series that I worked on as a photographer, videographer and social media strategist. On the show we went behind the scenes & follow Texas-based singer-songwriters living the Troubadour life.

A note to my fellow internet content creators: one particularly interesting element of this documentary is the gear I used as one of the videographers on the show. For all the content I currently shoot, I use a variety of enthusiast level cameras from GoPros to Canon Point & Shoots to Fujifilm mirrorless cameras. You can see all the current gear I use here:

The primary camera I used on this shoot was a Canon 7D DSLR - look at this episode and tell me what you think about the overall production quality of this piece with the 7D mixed into shots from the other videographers who shot with pro Sony cameras and Canon C100/C300's.