Black Hat SEO Interview With Globe Runner SEO



Hey, this is JR Atkins, we're at open camp today and I'm with Giovanni Gallucci, and Gio's gonna give us a few tips that he mentioned in his talk this morning that were three sites that we might find useful in some kind of black hat oriented SEO.


Oh it's so not black hat... It's black hat.


So tell us like, Tube Toolbox.


Yes, actually, these are applications that if you go to, you can download this application. And basically, Tube Toolbox is is kind of a Swiss army knife for YouTube. It allows you to go in and find other videos that are similar to the videos you have, find users that watch those videos and comment on them, and it allows you also go to in and do messaging in bulk, instead of going and one at a time and messaging with people. So there's so much stuff that this thing does. I literally use the tool every single day on several machines for different clients. Like I mentioned in there, if you're not doing video now, I've no idea why you're not doing video...


You should be.


And you can figure out a way to integrate video into no matter what your business is and you've gotta get out there and get smart and use tools like Tube Toolbox that make your life... There's a bit of a learning curve, but once you get through that learning curve, it makes your life so much easier with online video.


Okay. Next one was Bookmarking Demon.


Bookmarking Demon is similar to Tube Toolbox but it works with social bookmarking sites like Digg, and Delicious, and Mix, and StumbleUpon and things like that. You go in and you plug in all your usernames and passwords for yourself. If you've got employees that are a part of your social media campaign or other affiliates that you work with, you plug in all their authentication information. And then you go in and create a list of your search engine optimized titles and descriptions and links for the the things you wanna promote. You click a button and walk away and Bookmarking Demon will then randomly kind of go through and just bookmark these sites for you. The reason why this stuff is so important and when we look at stuff like Tube Toolbox, is these tools allow you to stay within the terms of service of the platforms you're working with. And it also makes the traffic look much more natural than if you sat down for 40 minutes and just went through a bookmarking thing.


Right. It looks a little spammy.


Yeah. It looks a lot spammy, and so it's really important that you're using things that kind of run in the background and updates something, and then waits three minutes and updates something and waits eight minutes and updates. Because then the platforms don't get angry with you for just overloading their system all at once. And it sits there and does that work for you while you're off doing other things, so you're billing here and you're billing there.


Okay. Last one was Tweet Adder.


Tweet Adder, same thing, guess what? For Twitter. So the biggest thing that I use Tweet Adder for is to look for local users on Twitter. So I work with a lot of hyper local businesses, like one here is, and we really focus on trying to find people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that are looking for things like entertainment and night life and restaurants and things like that. So I'll go up on Tweet Adder, look for names and look for keywords that I wanna search on but plug in a zip code to only find people within, say, 50 miles of the central business district of Dallas. And then I can go and take those people, add them to the company count, instead of randomly going out there and finding anyone on Twitter talking about sushi, and then you find out that 90% of your users are in Canada or outside the state of Texas where we're at right now.


So Tweet Adder is another one of those tools that allows you to be really efficient, but really focused and a lot cleaner about the way you go and do marketing. Because before these tools were around, you kind of went out there, just threw up whatever you could against the wall and you walk away. Well, that's not good for anybody. It's a waste of time for your clients, it's a waste of time for you as a specialist and for the users that are getting messages that aren't targeted, it's a waste of their time. You need to go and invest in these tools, so that when someone in Dallas mentions a restaurant in Dallas and they get something from us, they're like, "Oh, there's an association there. Maybe I actually wanna follow them. Not some mechanic up in Canada who is complaining about a bad hamburger when he went just one night."


Right. Well, thank you for your time an all these are $100 or less.




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