Autel Robotics X-Star Quadcopters

Here we are, debuting our X-Star series of Quadcopters. And we're also showing off our Kestrel, which is our fixed-wing, vertical takeoff and landing drone, which we're really excited about. Of course, we're excited about both of them. Our X-Star series has three different models in the line. It goes from the X-Star Go, which start is at 599. We have the X-Star, which is 799. And then our X-Star Premium, which is 999. The X-Star Premium has your 4k Ultra HD camera, has the HD Live View with 720p resolution up to a 1.25 mile range, which is pretty cool. You get to see everything that's going on, everything that your drone sees for that far. And our Kestrel is more designed for agricultural and humanitarian applications, it's more of a commercial fixed-wing drone. It's very efficient. Has a flight time of up to 1.2 to two hours. So a few of our differentiators are price point as well as... Our Premium, for 999, you get 64 gigabyte card, you get a hard case to carry it in. Which is very nice, 'cause a lot of times you find you buy your drone and you don't have anything to carry it in. I think there's a lot of room for growth.

A lot of people are saying 2016 is the year for drones and I'm excited to hear that. And I think we're all pretty excited to see what the possibilities are. So we, primarily, are looking at it from an agricultural and a humanitarian perspective. Of course, with any really innovative technology like this, there's gonna be other possibilities, probably. But with some of the testing we've done, we're working on payload, its efficiency, the electric efficiency of it is what we're really excited about. Between the benefits of having the aerodynamic fixed-wing, plus having the vertical takeoff and landing benefits of a drone. Over an hour to two hours of battery life that's something that's pretty unparalleled at this point, I would say.