Hello Again, Windows

In the last blog post about my 2017 gear list, I mentioned that there was something strange about the gear I work with. Along with getting rid of my DSLR/Mirrorless cameras, I haven’t used any laptop at all for about two years. The iPad Pro 9.7”, at that time, was my mobile computing platform of choice. 

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The How, What, And Why Behind Canonical Tags

Canonical tags—the term itself can be intimidating. Apart from the confusion and anxiety they stir up among non-technical digital marketers and website operators, there is a great deal of apprehension around their use. Even seasoned webmasters often walk on eggshells when working with canonical tags for fear of messing up link systems they’ve worked so hard to build.

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High Quality Hosting

A great website won't perform well without great hosting. A host is the server where your website’s files are located and usually a packaged service that makes your website available to the public. If a website is slow or doesn’t always load properly, it’s usually a problem with the hosting company.

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2017 Social Media Photographer's Kit

(UPDATED MARCH, 27th) - Things change. This article was live for no more than a few weeks and I dramatically changed my setup and workflow. So, let's do this. I'll leave this article up so you can see a snapshot of what I was doing at this particular point in time. However, If you want to see the most...

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